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He raised his fist to hit me (also hard

Taxes Chainsaw Massacre

canada goose deals I sat in a dimly lit room, sweating, though it was unclear if that was a result of my nerves or the room’s shockingly hot temperature. Special Agent canada goose coats Jarvis Canada Goose Online Ham squinted at me through a thick cloud of cigarette smoke across the long, oak table that separated us. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap At least, I think it was oak. I’m not great at identifying types of wood based on looking at it. One of those things I wish I was good at but I just uk canada goose outlet never really dedicated the time to it, you know? That’s the way it goes I guess. I discreetly rubbed my index finger along the side uk canada goose of the table. canada goose black friday sale I don’t know why. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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«Uh huh,» I said absently as I lowered my nose to the table, sniffing it as subtly as I Canada Goose Coats On Sale could. Special Agent Ham didn’t seem too concerned with my Canada Goose Jackets table smelling; apparently being a tough, hardened, federal agent stereotype canada goose uk shop was very time consuming.

Special canada goose factory sale Agent Ham was a tall man, tall like a mountain. A Mountain of Ham. His hair was cropped short, as I imagine is the protocol for tough canadian goose jacket looking officer archetypes.

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Canada Goose online «Oh,» I said, picking splinters out from between my teeth. «Oh, in that case, no, I have Canada Goose online

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«You’re acting pretty cool for someone sittin’ shoulder deep in shit soup,» Agent Canada Goose Outlet Ham said. I am pretty cool, I thought, as I licked my lips. The table tasted sort of like Popsicle sticks. What kind of wood was that? Pine?

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Canada Goose Jackets (Is pine cheap?) Canada Goose Jackets

«You got anything to say for yourself?»

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«What the

fuck is your problem? You think the IRS is all fun and games or something?» I guess I’d never really thought about it that seriously but now that he’s bringing it up, I suppose I figured there were probably a few games. Like, on Fridays, maybe. Every office has fun once in a while. I put on my serious face.

Canada Goose Outlet «No, Sir, but I imagined there were some games and maybe the occasional inter office contest. Is that wrong?» Ham shoved me back down in my chair. Hard. He raised his fist to hit me (also hard, I imagined) when Special Agent McCloud waved him off. Canada Goose Outlet

«Only when it comes to lawbreakers,» Ham added, his eyes staring daggers into mine. With my hands under the table and out of sight, I quietly started picking at the bottom of the table, hoping to get a few wood shavings. Worst case scenario, I could send these off to a lab somewhere and find out what kind of wood it was, even though I don’t technically remember canada goose uk black friday why I even care.

«Well, you know what they say,» I tell Agent Ham, «If lawbreakers were jawbreakers.» I bow my head and bounce my extended palms for a few beats, as if to say.

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