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He has multiple certifications needed for his profession

time trader who uses time and risk management successfully at his job and in the market

The role of time in investing and trading is one of the least understood concepts. Between these two types of market participants, it is the trader who pays little respect to time. A trader’s focus is at looking for signals using technical analysis, his entry and exit prices and stop loss levels. Very few traders use time as a variable in their trading.Risk management is also what he does while trading. Santosh is as canada goose store good as any full time trader, if not better. Unlike other traders, Santosh does not look canada goose coats on sale at a technical chart before cheap Canada Goose entering the first leg of his trade. Instead, he looks at volatility to enter option trades.Son of a Naval officer, Santosh’s story is all about leveraging time. He has multiple certifications needed for his profession, some which very few in the industry have. He has undergone the highest level of training needed to be a trader, he has revived the Option Oracle software by cheap canada goose uk learning the language in which it was built, a package which was lying secluded in the cyberspace. He regularly teaches traders the skills needed to be an options trader. As if this was not enough he makes time to get high level certifications in ice skating and scuba diving.In an interview with Moneycontrol, Santosh Kumar Pasi speaks on his approach to canada goose factory sale options trading, how he uses time in his trading and his software, among other things. Edited excerpt:How do you manage a full time job and trade frequently. Also, can you throw some light on your journey to becoming a successful trader?My trading style does not require too much time to be spent in the market, I am a positional trader so I need not stare at the screen the whole day. Over the years, the process has been streamlined. My software does most of Canada Goose Online the hard work making my job easier. Also, my trade size per trade is too small to disturb my sleep or rather my work. Further, my office knows what I do and as it is not infringing with my work, so they are okay with it.As for my background, I am a science graduate with an MBA and MCA. I have taken a number of certification courses pertaining to the software field, especially on risk management and cybersecurity.My introduction to the market came with my job. When I was employed by this company in 2002, I was given an appointment letter alongwith another piece of paper which said ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). I had no clue of what an ESOP was and thought of it as another piece of paper that companies generally give while joining. But in 2006, when Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) was introduced, I was asked to furnish that paper. It was then that I understood what it meant and how much it buy canada goose jacket was worth.This got me interested in markets, though by then I had opened a broking account and bought some shares on the broker’s recommendation.But after this event, I started looking at the markets with more interest. I used to trade watching the news and on the recommendation of others.My broker called me one day to explain something called options. He showed his latest trade where he doubled his money in a day. I canada goose uk outlet was hooked. I immediately bought what he told me and as luck would have it, the stock tanked and so did my Option. Within a day I lost half the money I put on the trade, rather than booking my loss I added more to the position.So that’s how I traded for a year and a half, thankfully I was not wiped out since a few trades in a month worked very well and canada goose clearance kept me afloat and my position size was Canada Goose online always small.But I realised this is not how it should be and I was only lucky to survive this canada goose outlet long. I decided to take professional help and enrolled with the Online uk canada goose Trading Academy (OTA). Here, I went up to their highest level of training Mastermind Community, which I attended in the US. Few traders from India have taken this course.I was trading global markets then, trading everything from forex, commodities, and equities and all instruments. As I was good at coding, I tried to code my strategies, but I soon realised that there were a lot of whipsaws which was not what I was comfortable with. In those days, I used to take directional trades.How did you move towards options and what’s the story behind the software you restarted?The mastermind community had a group where we used to discuss option trades. There were some 100 traders in those days who used to discuss their trades, it is here where I got more Canada Goose Outlet intrigued by options and sharpened my skills.Everyone in canada goose coats this group was discussing numbers and option Greeks based on the output from a software called canada goose black friday sale Options Oracle, which was a company started by 2 programmers from Israel. But by 2012 the promoters could not support it and made it open source.For the next two years, the software was independently supported but by 2015 it completely broke down. Most of us were at sea because our entire strategy was based on the software. I remember working on excel to arrive at the output for the next two months which was a very tedious task.Then a friend and fellow trader who knew I was in the software field asked me to look at it and see if I can get it restarted. Though I am not a programmer I looked under the hood and found it was written in a language in which I was not too eloquent. I had to learn the language along with various other stuff to get the canada goose uk shop package up and running.In August http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com 2015, we canada goose released the Canada Goose Jackets first version and have been supporting it since. It has proved to be a very useful tool for options traders.Has your option trading strategy remained the same since you started trading it?No. In my earlier days, I used to take directional trades and most were long options trades. Shorting options was not an choice as the margin requirement was huge compared to my trading capital.In those early days, I used Canada Goose sale to look at charts of all futures and options stocks in four time frames. It took around 4 5 hours to go through the charts of nearly 250 companies. I used to have a detailed log of all my trades. When I analysed my trades thoroughly, I found out that I was better at taking non directional trades.Since 2012, I have had a systematic approach to trading which were mainly on the short side, canada goose clearance sale that takes advantage of non directional movement. The important criteria for me are that the trades should have reasonable profitability and reasonable probability.How do you trade presently?I am a positional option trader, I do not take any intraday trades. My trades are based on volatility. I take no more than five minutes for me to pick up my trades, thanks to the Options uk canada goose outlet Oracle and OpStrater the programs which I use to filter my trades. These days I do not look at the charts to enter a trade, volatility gives me a good entry signal. But if there are adjustments to be made to the trade I would not hesitate to look at the charts before entering the next leg of the trade.The logic behind the trades is simple it is to pick up stocks or indices where the volatility is high. Let’s take the example of India VIX, the volatility index that is traded on the market. Say, it trades between the values of 24 and 9 during the year. So, we will divide this range of 15 points into 5 smaller brackets.

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